I went to an Imax cinema to watch ‘AVATAR’ in 3D  – it was full up for the next two performances

I went to a regular 3D cinema, the same afternoon, to watch ‘AVATAR’, full up

The non-3D version was not full so I took that.

‘Avatar’, a review:

Mercenaries take on the role usually filled by the good ol’ US Cavalry to represent over-riding corporate greed for resources which reside under the lands inhabited by indigenous tribes – on another planet.

End of review. Does this remind anyone of the thought process undertaken by the religious élite in order to rationalize the ravaging of the wild American west all those years ago?




I really pissed off an male evengalist today.

First mistake: he came to my home. That already got me hot. I asked if he was peddling religion?

He replied in a foreign voice that he was not peddling. But it’s religion I asked. He replied; ‘yes’

I shooed him away with a hand gesture (not a rude one but dismissive all the same). He turned and left and I added; ‘Piss off.’

I wish I hadn’t done that

He had a young boy with him, about 12 to 14 years old. If I had been thinking instead of steaming, I would have engaged him in conversation – invited him in – and planted that seed of doubt in the kid’s mind.

Now that would have been a WIN situation.

My heart was, literally, pounding when I returned inside.

I had failed.


It Begins:

This blog is going to be about all things, so hold on to your hat and comment if you like.

I will be writing about thoughts, complaints, opinions, friends (with altered names), stupid things and stupidity. Maybe even something like a diary.

Make your comments controversial, inspiring, challenging ,but keep it friendly. You can be hostile and curt without being offensive!

Let’s go for it.