Technology forever moving forward

Technology junkies are always searching for the best and newest.

Currently, it’s all about the new Samsung tablet and others like it, e.g. the HP 500 (Win7 tablet)

Of course, being an owner of the iPad (disclosure: I am not an Apple Fanboy) the Samsung has to measure up, and frankly it does in many respects, and surpasses the iPad in some areas but not in others.

But . . . the rumor is that the supplied OS, Android Froyo, is not really made for tablet-sized gadgets and many other known-brand manufacturers are waiting for the next iteration, Gingerbread.

Well, Gingerbread is about ready to debut,  just weeks after various gadgets have been upgraded to Froyo. So, should one wait for the next round, or hope that current gadgets are upgradeable?

Should one leap on the HP (or other) Win7  tablets?

Decisions, all the damn time. The agony of not having sufficient wherewithal to just pay up and look big – for a week or two.

Hint: Never try to reason with a tech junkie, next to god-believers, they are the greatest group at rationalizing.